Monday, May 11, 2009


Last Friday, I went shadowed a high school with some classmates of mine. The day was very interesting.
The girl that we were shadowing was a freshman named Jenny. Since she went to our school last year, I had met here acquaintance a long time ago. She hated me then; and she must dislike me know. Anyway, we met up with her during second period. We walked down the halls with our heads held high. I felt so stupid and insecure; I felt like one of those people you read about in books.
We stopped by one door, and others gathered around too. It wasn't long until more people came. We looked like an army. A tired army. I watched freshmans come to us. I saw familiar faces. Jay; that scary kid. Emily; the annoying one. Even Stephen; the kid whose family I spent the summer with. Finally, I saw one kid who I remembered most of all: Seth. Seth was tall with blond hair. He was a runner, and had been training for marathons since fourth grade. I knew him from a distance. As he passed us by, I saw him scan each of the girls I was with. The first he saw was Carol; the one with three houses and two swimming pools. Next was Lauren; the skillful dancer and smart academic. Then Lynn; the beautiful girl with six sisters and a brother. Then his eyes fell on me. I watched him with a cold stare and he did the same.
The Spanish teacher I had heard so much about put me in a seat near the door, surrounded by people I knew from years before. Beth beside me, Emily behind me, Stephen behind Beth. I kept watching.
"Mary, you're so white." I turn to see Tom, giving me his best. "You are so white that you look like........." I smiled at him and gave him a too enthusiastic "Thank you." He kept on talking. By that time Emily was telling me all about how I should never take Spanish because the teacher got her degree online. Stephen asked me some questions, and Tom joined in. What's happening at school, didn't all the guys leave? I answered all of them. Finally Stephen asked me if our school had a cross country team. Watching Seth(mostly because he was watching me), I told him that they didn't and that I am preparing on the side. I also said that that was what I was doing next year.
Spanish II ended. I followed the other girls to the English room, and Seth started talking to us. He was laughing and smiling. He told us about how all the rooms were cold and how he was surprised we didn't have a sweater. It was surprising to see how much he had changed by the bell ringing. I didn't see him after that. We later went to a typing class, where Jenny tried to make us do her assignments. The teacher caught her, however, and we were then free to roam the web. The day was half done, so Lynn called her mom and we all got a ride back at school.
It is surprising how much a thirteen year old thinks about boys. This is actually the first time in months, however, I have thought of more than one boy at all....

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