Saturday, May 2, 2009


Right now, in my cherry pajama pants and my enviromentalist shirt, I look past at everything that has happened:

  1. Memo has taken a vacation to Nicoragua
  2. I either passed or failed my P.E. final
  3. Once On This Island is over with
  4. I have no idea what is going to happen with Quincy and I
  5. Memo told me (right before she left) that Malvolio has talked to her mom and is probably going to ask her out as soon as she gets back

I asked everyone at theatre to pass around a notebook and put their names and email's on it. I caught Cesario (Sorry, keeping names secret) saying he did not want to put his down. I laughed and smiled. I don't EVER want to email him anyway. I also found out that Quincy doesn't have an email. Or a cell phone.

I know that I may not see him for quite some time, but I have a feeling-- a sinking suspicion-- that I might.

Anyway. I went to the cast party. As soon as I came in and found everybody, Quincy smiled and actually looked glad to see me. I played around with everyone for a while. I joked with Viola, the Imposters (as Memo and I like to call them; long story), Agwe, etc. I took care of my "little buddy" whom I call Gummy Bear, who fell outside in the dark. I gave her a piggy-back ride up the stairs for a game of air hockey, but we found the directors already challenging each other with faces and laughter as they threw around the puck. Gummy Bear decided to mess with a drum set and Quincy ducked in to check on us. I smiled and looked down. What else could I do?

What else could I do? When Mom came, I hugged everyone goodbye. Quincy took the longest.

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