Friday, May 15, 2009

Storms, Graduations and Vacations

Last night I prayed to God again. I asked him to protect me from corruption while I am in the current state of confusion. I asked him to bless everyone who hates me, everyone who loves me, everyone who inspires me, whether the inspiration is good or bad. I went to sleep dreaming.

I dreamt of being locked out. There was a thunderstorm, and I was on the beach. Lightening came crashing down, waves lunged at me. I was not scared. I saw the people who locked me out. They were watching me blankly. I smiled at them and I was glad that they locked me out; for out of my company, only I could take the storm and be happy about what had happened. The twenty-third psalm echoed through the thunder and the waves as I danced around the beach. This is where I belonged.

Today was the last real day of school. I finished my final exams, removed everything from my locker, went to graduation practice and left. Dad asked me where I would like to eat. Without thinking to much of it, I remembered that Quincy's sister worked at an ice cream shoppe called The Creamery. I told him that that is where I would like to go. When we were in the parking lot, I realized what I had done. I told myself to calm down; she wouldn't be here today..........

I was wrong. She was there, and she took our order. Later, right when we were leaving, I invited her to my graduation. She couldn't make it; she(and the rest of her family) would be out of town. "Have fun," she said as she hurried to one of the booths to serve. "You too," I weakly replied. She didn't hear me.

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