Saturday, April 25, 2009


I have had one hell of a day. I don't know how to fit it all on here. I'm going to try though.....

........Let's see; how did the morning start? Oh yes. I woke up to my mom talking to someone. In my fuzzy state of mind, I listened for a while. I was completely awake by the time I heard my name. Mom was in my room trying to wake me up. She kept on talking and I grunted a bit. Mom set some coffee down on my file cabinet and went out of the room.

I drank my coffee and went outside of my liar. Who was I to behold but my twenty-four year old brother who currently lives thirty-five minutes away from us........ I remembered later that he spent the night here after going to a friend's party. After I put my contacts on, he was gone.

Mom and Dad came home later. When they did, they found me asleep again on the couch while watching CMT. Mom gently woke me up (Screaming to dad in another room.) and I pleasantly awoke. I found some food and went with mom to run errands.

Mom and I have "errands" once in a while. We go to garage sales and cruise around just to enjoy life. We parked in somebodies yard, thinking that we might be at the right place. I eyeballed a bright red sports car and kept walking. As mom and I are peering at the house, we saw a man in a crisp white sneer at us. Mom and I laughed and kept walking until we got to the right place, with a two minute detour to stare at three small dogs who seemed to be staring at us too.

Later, we went to get sand for my gecko and I had to go to theatre. Nothing much happened at the first performance. My best friend (that I call Memo) was skeptical about something but I decided not to ask her. She would tell me when she was ready.

I was right. She told me. Memo thought that this guy was giving her mixed signals (To back this up a bit, Memo's been having some problems. She's beautiful as it is, and she has a great personality. Any guy who wouldn't like her would be crazy. Memo likes two guys though. One guy who I like, who we shall call Quincy, and another, that we shall call Malvolio. Malvolio is two years older than her and has known her for about a year. Quincy is 6-12 months younger and has known her for the same amount of time. Also, you should know that it is obvious that Quincy likes her. I know for sure that Malvolio is a her good friend.) and she didn't know what to do. I hugged her. I didn't know what to say.

During the second performance, Memo asked him. She told me with great enthusiasm that when she asked, "Hey...... Do you like me?'' he had said yes. She told me what he said vaguely while in a trance. While she was talking, I kept on praying that Quincy would be alright.

Now, I can't do anything about it. I can't ask Memo if she sure that Malvolio knew what she was talking about. If Malvolio actually loves her. I can't do anything about Quincy, because he doesn't even trust me. I mean, he knows he can come to me to fix a prop.

I don't know. I don't know what to do. Why does this have to be so hard? Why can't Quincy be a friend? A friend, at least? Why do I have to love him even when he doesn't love me?

I guess some would say I'm too young to feel like this. Well, I feel it whether I am young or whether I am old.

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