Wednesday, April 22, 2009



I have decided to share my life.

See it from your eyes and feel it from your own shoes, your own feet.

My name is Voice. I am thirteen years old. I am kind of scared about putting my age on here but I know that you must know of where I am from.

To start it off, let me tell you about school, where you will always find me at this point in my life. I go to a christain middle school and I am in the eighth grade. I am an outcast. The other kids hate me. I am called names all the time. They tease me, calling me "too religous." To them I am a freak.

I practically live two different worlds. I am also an actress at my local theatre. I am among my friends and I joke around. You can most likely see me in my favorite costume: a frog hat, a cape with midnight blue lining and a toy machine gun that makes peculiar noises when you pull its trigger.

The truth is that I am scared. I am scared of being unoriginal. Of not being individual. I know, however, that I am in a big majority of people that feel the same way. And that scares me too. Maybe I need to get a life. Maybe I need to start my life. Either way, I am typing to you from my blog because I am scared. I am scared of being crowded and I am scared of being alone.

If you don't want to read this, then don't. I have no need for anyone to read this. I have a need of venting my feelings and learning more about myself. I have a need for an eternally sharpened pencil, a perpetually long ink for my pen and an everlasting sheet of paper to write. I call this need a computer.

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