Sunday, April 26, 2009

To-Do Lists

Today, I got up thinking........ thinking about what to do. I needed to get my essay done (which is due tomorrow), be prepared for an (embarrassing) oral presentation, and get ready for a performance (that I am not ready for). Then, when I realized what I was doing, I scoffed.

I looked at myself for a minute and acknowledged how stupid I was being. Why was I looking at short term, one-hour worries? I need to get ready for so much. I am making a list of things to do.

My To-do List
  1. Become a better person, inside and out
  2. (Truthfully) Compliment three people every day
  3. Learn to listen to my conscience
  4. Listen to God's prayers and messages that have been sent to me
  5. Encourage people
  6. Let others know what I think
  7. Jump over brick walls, hurdles and other obstacles that stand in my way
  8. Learn to know when be silent and just listen
  9. To control my feelings
  10. Lead a life of my own, with the Holy Spirit's help

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